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Curios about who is behind the artwork of my new album "Moments of Renewal"?

The artwork was prepared by Josefina Hernandez in between all her other amazing projects.


Check out more of Josefinas work at her website and contact her for prints and custom projects!

I've been workng with Josh Bowman for about three years now and am blown away by his work more and more with every project we do.


Josh will take your ideas and sounds to the next level and his commitment is unparalleled, he has had his hand in all three of my professionally released albums and they are better for it.


Contact Josh through his website at and get his take on your next project!

The group at 19Gale have done the album design on all three of my album covers and the work speaks for itself. Have a look at their website and see what else they do, basically EVERYTHING!


Looking forward to working with them again in the future!

Rad Dude Merch has been there for me in a BIG way. If you need physical copies of your albums made, download cards, t-shirts, stickers or WHATEVER! The guys at Rad Dude will take care of you from design to print and make sure you're happy. 


What more could you want!? Check them out at

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