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I recognize that I am an uninvited guest living on the traditional territories of the Haudenosaunee (pronounced -Hoe – De – Nah – Show - Nee), the Wendat (pronounced When-Dat), the Seneca, the Petun (pronounced- pee-tun), the Anishinabek (pronounced -Awe – Nish – NAH – Beck), and the Mississaugas of the Credit First Nation.


Living in T’Karonto (pronounced – Tah-Ka-ron-to) means that I am invited into the Dish With One Spoon Treaty. I seek to support and fulfill the Dish With One Spoon Treaty by peacefully sharing the land, plants and animals, by only taking what I need and mindfully watching what I leave. I commit to teaching my son, the next generation of T’Karonto residents, to respect and understand his place within the Dish With One Spoon Treaty.


I am honoured to live on land that has been stewarded by such intuitive, respectful and spiritually centred peoples for thousands of years. I look forward to learning all I can from Indigenous communities about my relationship to the Dish With One Spoon Treaty and the land I live on.


Patriarchal colonialist systems that embrace rampant capitalism and make space for marginalization and racism threaten our ability to honour the Dish With One Spoon Treaty. I recognize my privilege as a white cis male and seek to dismantle the systems that would deny Indigenous sovereignty.

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