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If Anthony Lohan’s brother had never left his guitar unguarded as they were growing up in the small town of Keswick, Anthony may have never discovered the passion that now defines him as one of the most talented independent singer-songwriters in Ontario. Fans began asking him for CDs as early as his first show, and a few months later he accepted an invitation from a producer in Vancouver to record his first album. Anthony bought a one-way train ticket west. After fellow passengers heard him playing and begged him to continue, the conductor asked him if he would mind playing for the rest of the train’s passengers in return for free passage home.


These kinds of incredible experiences continue to characterize Anthony’s journey as a musician, a path that at first he had never planned to pursue. His growing reputation has now brought him firmly into the heart of the Toronto-area acoustic music scene where he enjoys performing at coffee houses and clubs. He seeks out opportunities to play at small venues that continue to push him in his songwriting through the feedback and encouragement of his fans.


Soulful yet energetic, it is not easy to fit Anthony’s music into a traditional genre. He believes that his music is as much about the notes he plays as those he doesn't. Anthony strives to create room for people to connect to his songs through his characteristically fearless lyrics, imaginative chord progressions, and haunting vocals.


Whether enjoyed live in a crowd of friends and strangers, or listened to alone in one’s room with a hot cup of tea, Anthony’s fearless lyrics and powerful vocals never fail to evoke, touching on the heart of universal questions about purpose and journey, of love and loss, all through the lens of search. Anthony and his music have won critical acclaim, including most recently being named the winner of the Great Canadian Song Search in 2013 for his song “Chosen”.


His first album, “Search for Self” reflects Anthony’s own journey of self-discovery. He believes that finding one’s identity is a defining theme of what it means to be human. His second album "Constellations" expands on this theme with a collection of songs going back to the days when he first began composing up to now. His latest album "Moments of Renewal" released in September of 2015 touches on themes of rebirth and renewal, have a listen for yourself and see what you think.



                              Pat Mete | February 4, 2014 | 




Words and music. That’s what it all boils down to and everything is else is simply flavouring.

I sit here and write this with a choked up feeling while listening to the track Simple Sorry and to be honest I don’t know what the song is about yet, but it’s got an emotion emanating from it that you can’t help but sense.

Anthony has a tone and delivery reminds me a little of Adam Duritz from theCounting Crows. Descriptive lyrics painting a picture in your mind that will draw you into his world and where you can’t help but reflect on your own life.



Anthony Lohan is one of my favourite songwriters.  The album on a whole is a solid piece of work that you will be happy to buy. Just sit back in a comfy chair, kill the lights, pour a drink and let your mind go for walk.

Mother Dearest is a heart felt tune that will have you picking up the phone before the end of the song.

Have a listen to the MusicLynk Radio interview here !


The Buzz

Published July 15, 2013



Anthony Lohan was named grand winner in The Great Canadian Song Search's first annual National Final took at the Hard Rock Cafe in Toronto this past Saturday, July 13.


The event marked the culmination of a long journey for TGCSS host and creator, Daniel Weaver. It involved 300 artists from across the country taking part in regional events in five Canadian cities.


The ten songwriter/finalists who performed a song apiece at the National Final were Jorge Mateluna (Montreal), Jesse Creatchman (Montreal), Riishi Von Rex (Ottawa), Erin Saoirse Adair (Ottawa), Anthony Lohan (Toronto), Kalunga (Toronto), Kevin Korol (Winnipeg), Jordan St-Cyr (Winnipeg), Rebecca Raabis (Red Deer Alberta) and  Curtis Beaudry (Calgary).


Chosen by a panel of three industry experts, the winner was Anthony Lohan, with St-Cyr placing second and Beaudry third. As the winner of Best New Canadian Indie Song (for the aptly-entitled "Chosen"), Lohan receives a licencing deal from TGCSS and a national radio campaign with leading Indie radio promo firm PLUG MUSIC Inc.


Notable Jury panelists from early rounds of the contest included Kenny Shields (Streetheart) and Jamie Di Salvio (Bran Van 3000).


Weaver has termed TGCSS  "the first live cross country songwriting competition", and he pledges to extend it next year. "We are working on a potential TV Pilot for next year too," he tells Buzz.

Weaver is himself an accomplished singer/songwriter, with three albums to his credit. He was signed to Sony Europe in the early '90s, and found success during a stint in which he was based in Ireland.

- Kerry Doole


Anthony Lohan Wins “The Great Canadian Song Search!” 2013

July 15, 2013 By  



Even before the night began, The buzz in the Hard Rock Toronto last Saturday was special.  After this amount of time, to see all 10 National Finalists from 5 Major cities across this country in one room shaking hands, hugging each other, complementing one another’s Song writing made it all worth the while. There was a certain respect, admiration camaraderie between the Artists which TGCSS is becoming known for and you one could feel the gratitude. I sure did.

Funny Girl Hannah Hogan opened the show with her unique brand of Girlie/punk comedy and the show began. Twice during the show,  Jury members insinuated that  they’d never seen this amount of writing talent in a music competition. The night was pure magic.

As the host of a cross country competition, it’s impossible not to formulate an opinion on who should win. I’d be lying if I said I didn’t have my favorites but in all honesty, once Kevin and The Super Fines hit the stage with “The Beauty of it All”, then Anthony with a jaw dropping performance of “Chosen”, Jordan St-Cyr and “Who Are You To Leave Me Alone”, Curtis Beaudry and “Number My Days” it was clear to me that I had lost any opinion I had previously formulated. Jorge Mateluna dropped the ball by chosing not to play the song he was chosen for, But the show quickly got back on tack with Erin Saoirse Adair “Dirty Water”, Pop man Kalunga “Me and My Friends”, power house Riishi Von Rex “Drowning”, hipster troubadour Jesse Creathman and “Paper Road” and to finish off the show, Rebecca “The Rabbit” Raabis rocked us out with “Coma”.

The Judges then deliberated for a while facing a very hard choice.

Allow me to take a small  break at this point while I indulge in the first cigarette in 3 hours. This stop is Kingston. I got time!!!

5 minutes later,

At 10h45pm Rolling Stone Magazine writer Karen  Bliss passed me a  a piece of paper with 3 names. In no particular order, these names were Jordan St-Cyr( Winnipeg), Anthony Lohan (Toronto) and Curtis Beaudry (Calgary).

In third position was Curtis Beaudry, in second position was Jordan St-Cyr and the National Winner of “the 2013 edition of “The Great Canadian Song Search”was and is Anthony Lohan with  the song”Chosen”.

Congratulations Anthony! And hats off to our Jury panel Adam Thompson from Indie88 FM, Karen Bliss and “Private Universe” (The Crowded House Biography) Author and Journalist Kerry Doole.

Stay Tuned for the National Radio Campaign of “Chosen” in early 2014



5 More Toronto Finalists!

October 25, 2012 By




Hi to all!

Monday Oct. 22.. An extremely enjoyable night!


Wild Card: I think it’s safe to say that the whole club salivated when they heard Anthony Lohan. At least I did. It is hard to compare Anthony to anyone. The chord structure  of his song had a genuine tone to it which helped showcase the warm melody and haunting lyrics. Choosing him as a wild card was a no brainer.






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